What we do
The CreateCulture Team provides services to organizations or individuals whose goals align with our mission or focuses on positive change, education and cross-cultural collaboration.
No matter the scale of your idea we can bring it to life.
Three interlinked approaches help us to achieve our goals and mission.
FILms and media
This approach focuses on telling stories and educating people through media content and films, as well as on providing strategic communication.

We produce a wide variety of content such as: documentaries, promotional videos,
showcases, educational videos, live events coverage, etc.

We provide strategic communication development, media development, brand marketing, social media strategy, and online communication for social change projects.

We believe in communication for social change.
Under CreateCulture Education we provide knowledge and tools for creative placemaking, sociocultural project design, community development and grassroots initiatives.

We design and facilitate educational projects, produce authored e-learning modules, provide interactive workshops and engaging knowledge sharing sessions. All of our educational projects are based on specific community needs, utilize integrated media and create a participatory environment.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge.
CreateCulture Together aims to connect people through collaborative making and networking opportunities for artists and changemakers around the world.

We design, facilitate and implement cross-cultural exchange projects, community and placemaking initiatives, networking and collaboration sessions, workshops and events that promote sustainable development and empowerment of people within their communities.

We believe in the magic of collaboration.