A few words about us:
CreateCulture was founded by four passionate Ohio University Alumni from Belarus, Botswana, and USA in September 2019. The idea was to combine our experiences, skills, and network in order to bring positive impact to communities around the world through placemaking, storytelling, communication for development, and cultural diplomacy. Our organization might be new but experience is not. CreateCulture's team has a history of accomplishments and qualifications in project management, media development, community development, education, communication consulting, design and so forth. We have worked on projects implemented in the United States, Belarus, Ukraine, Botswana, and Ghana. We have given lectures at international conferences and provided workshops for activists and communities based on our past experiences.
OUR principles
We believe in communication for social change.
We believe in the power of sharing knowledge.
We believe in the magic of collaboration.

Meet us and our colleagues
Nadzeya Ilkevich
Co-founder, Executive Director
Cultural management Jedi from Belarus with more than 10 years experience of changing the world and creating culture. Holds MA in Cultural Management and MA in Communication.
Quintin Schomaker
Co-founder, Executive Director
A passionate storyteller with enthusiasm for culture and social change. He uses intergrated media to produce various content. Holds Master's Degree in Communications and Development.
Bart Kuraga
Co-founder, Media Department Director
Award-winning documentary filmmaker, VFX & 3D artist, editor and colorist. His experience and professional skill set includes all post-production stages from editing to motion graphic design.
Gaone Manatong
Arts enthusiast and performer with MA in Communication and Development. Skills include writing, event management, programming, public speaking, communications and media management.

Dr. Saumya Pant, Board of Directors
Dr. Saumya Pant is an activist, a teacher, a mother and a woman who loves to teach and engage with students. Saumya has a PhD and Masters from Ohio University, focusing on communication for social change and interpersonal communication. She has scholarly interests in gender and health communication, communication for social change, critical cultural inquiry, transnational feminisms, and entertainment-education. She is a global expert in strategically integrating entertainment-education programs with community-based group listening and locally available health care services. She has worked on several projects funded by several international agencies, including Population Communication International and UNAIDS.
Dr. Matthew LeRiche, Board of Directors
Matthew LeRiche, Ph.D., has served as a Fellow in Managing Humanitarianism at the International Development Department of the London School of Economics. LeRiche works as adviser on defense education supporting security sector reform programming. As an expert analyst of Sudan, South Sudan and East African political and security issues, LeRiche contributes to various publications, including the Huffington Post and Global Brief, and frequently comments on camera regarding African politics, development and security issues. He also has produced and written several documentary films about Sudan and South Sudan.
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