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Superheroes School
This project was aimed to educate leaders to implement creative urban projects and to build a new type of relations between local communities, activists, city government and entrepreneurs.
28 participants have implemented 6 creative projects.
The project is the 2nd place winner of the International Festival of Marketing and Place Branding OPEN 2015.

Meet Our Eco-System Team
Nadzeya Ilkevich
Founder, CEO & Creative Producer
Meet our team - it is an eco-system of independent cultural managers, producers and creative enterprises.
Alexander and Sergey Efremoff
BlackBeastMedia and many more
Theatre and cinema actors, film and TV producers always take part in and help with projects of the Centre for Cultural Managers.
Kseniya Tsyganok
Production manager, Editor
Journalist, manager, the master of storytelling is always ready to jump in fire train and lead the project.
Cultural managers and experts
Fields of our projects often vary and we are happy to invite free-lance cultural managers, creative experts, artists and professionals to take part in our activities.
Bart Kuraga
RainstickMedia and many more
Film director, award-winning editor and VFX Supervisor is ready for whatever for the Centre for Cultural Management projects.
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Athens, Ohio (USA) / Minsk, Belarus